Makes you think, doesn't it?

Monday, September 17, 2007


Hey. sorry i havent written in so long. i'm at school right now. man i love this clicky, loud-ass keyboard. :) work sucks, school is passably...well ,you know. passable. These really annoying new girls have been playing hooky and getting away with it, in addition to trying to pass off their duties onto me. grrr. i was really hoping they'd get fired. Oh, and I did give Jeremy my number, and he hasnt called me back. so now, for the silver lining, i get to blast his ass on my blog. his name is Jeremy McKnight. He's from ohio. and he DOESNT FUCKING CALL GIRLS BACK when they go out on an extrememly obviously uncomfortable limb to let him know they like him. grrr. whatever. ya live ya learn. hm, what else. ooh, dammit, i keep meaning to send that chatham depostit in. ooh, duh- we got a new place to live! its in carnegie, pittsburhg, PA, USA. in case anyone needed that clarified. its a cute little half of a 2-floor duplex. its got a nice fenced in yard and stuff. the only downsides are, no garage, which makes my mom practically cry. and, as i just noticed on our last visit to take measurements, no dishwasher. which makes me cry. so now, for our last week at the house, the dishwasher is functioning purely as a "dish-dryer". loads of effing fun. ah, well, three months is no big deal. it seems like it, but then when you loook at how long i've lived in other places,(no less that 3 years), its like, whoa. that's no time at all! eek!
* sigh, rattles fingertips on keyboard futilely.* lets see, on the music front since we've last touched font... (heehee)...did i still love the fratellis when i last posted here? i hope it wasnt that long ago. this stupid asshole next to me is playing disgusting gangsta shit. makes me wanna fucking not today. no negative shit today while Dusty's sick. i woke up this morning and i noticed he was still asleep. i picked him up before i left to make sure he was okay, and he didnt move except to crawl onto my hand. and he didnt take any jam, his favorite treat! that's when i started crying. i put some jam on a peice of chex and put it by him, along with a sock that smells like me, so he'll feel comfortable. i said a couple chants for him, even calling upon Damona, but i cant do anything more til i get home and can light some candles and do more. i've been so nervous all day. i cant wait to goet home to him and see how he's been. okay, new topic. still vegetarian. my mom browned turkey for spaghetti yesterday, and she puts these awesome smelling herbs on it, and i was like, "......aannnggghhhhh...." lol. oh. um, i lost my art hist book, book a new one, and found my old one. gotta love that. i'll get back 2 ya when Dusty's all better. poor brave soul.