Makes you think, doesn't it?

Monday, November 26, 2007


Hey. 39 days and counting. realized it'd been a while. i was putting on a dogster banner of kacey, which didn't stick. I'm writing a book, about a woman named deirdre, in the fuure, who's lover is wrongfully accused of murder, and is locked up. Deirdre breaks in and rescues him, and thryre gonna make a new life in the wild, away from the corrupt civil warmongers of the future government. it sound cheesy, and it is, but oh well. its fun. and it passes the time. i worked all thanksgiving week, earning extra money. and i lost 2 paychecks worth 400 dollars total. fun. ciao bella!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

late night randomata

hey. cant stay long, pushing daisies is on. just wanted to say- 50 DAYS TIL CHATHAM!!! SLIGHTLY LESS THAT 7 WEEKS!!! yahoooooo!!!!!!!! oh, man. i stillc ant quite get my head around it. me! ME!! ME!!! a chatham woman! agh! woooohooooo!!! okay, thats all. im done for now.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Beauty. Jon Fratelli. Agh, my brain is a burnt fuse. And my heart is the match.

I just listened to the cd again today. oh god, he is so beautiful. the music makes my heart hurt and my soul feel like jetsam in a tsunami. oh god i am so in love with him. my heart is so big with love for him i can barely hold it in. i love you. you are so beautiful, Jon.

part of me knows this is just how i am, i fall in and out and in again of love like going through kleenex. but the rest of me thinks of it as blasphemy to dismiss this feeling, this...overwhelmed-ness with love as just a thing i do when i see a guy i like. i dont know anymore. all i know is i love him, and to savor it while i have it. Goddess hold my heart gently.