Makes you think, doesn't it?

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ooh! I almost forgot: part 2.

2 people called and want to see the house! were getting in cleaned up for this weekend! i'm so excited. i can't wait til were moved out! hello bus route, hello life! shameless plug- findlay township, pittsburgh, pa. 2 bedroom end unit townhouse, nice yard & deck. new carpet, wood floors, deck, and exterior paint. west A school dist. move right in! come see the house!!
I would like to direct your eyes to the time of day this was posted. no, that's not an error. its 7:30 a.m. in the middle of summer. i actually could not get any sleep last night. zero, zip, zilch, nada. My eyes would not stay closed for 60 consecutive seconds. i would love nothing more than to go back to bed, but i am wide caffeine-high awake. minus the messy chemicals. gaah! i toss and turn and move almost every 30 seconds when i'm in bed! i repeat, gaah! so now im faced with the problem of what to do for the next 3 1/2 hours til i can start my day. there just isn't that much to do with my day. i guess watch a movie. ugh. i wanna go to sleep! Maybe i'll youtube for awhile, that usually takes up an hour if i'm careful. and i wanna do some more dorm and insomnia research. well, goodnight. i mean good morning.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ooh! i almost forgot!

I posted my peta love downtown today. i only had 10 minutes to do it, and i ran out of time and left most of the stack on a park bench, but i got it out there! i am soo excited! go me! go peta! my packs should arrive an 2 or 3 weeks. i wonder if putting stuff up in bathrooms and outside restaurants is legal. hm.

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the day from hell.

I don't know if i took the wrong bus, or missed my stop or what, but i blinked on the way to town today and i'm at the airport. I had my walkman on (my mp3 is a bitch), so maybe that's the problem. i dunno. then, the hot barista i was telling you about? i made a fool out of myself. when i stood up to leave, he was like, thanks for coming in! and i said, "it's always a joy!" IT'S ALWAYS A JOY??? what the hell is that?? what was i thinking!?! who talks like that? so now Jeremy probably thinks i'm a complete loser. not to mention there was a puddle by one of these lightpoles where the plants were dripping water and i fell on my ass in one, so he probably thinks i peed myself or something horrendous like that. god, i've got to learn to speak! who says that, its always a joy?!? i mean, its always a joy?!? god, i kill myself sometimes. its always a joy. then, i had the worst session with Kathleen. the shrink. it was all about how i need to work on this and that, and how everything is moving so slow, and i'm mired in a marked lack of... anything. change, growth... its all moving right outside my window. and i'm stuck. uck. what a shitbag day. i feel like going to bed and just putting this day behind me. i just want it to be over!!! !!! !!! !!! that's what's going on in my head right now. I cant go to my fratellis concert, i hafta go to social d instead. these mosquito bites kill. jeremy thinks i'm the plague. hell, i think i'm the plague. Kath says i should thikn about what i shoud've done differently, instead of focusing ont he negative. um... i could've said, oh, yeah. i like it here. i could've...paid more attention onthe bus. i couldve asked gram for money so i didn't run out. There. strangely, i feel a little better. i'm still gong to bed. ;)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Peta rules

Damn. Still no love from the workplaces. Damn. I'm not being fazed out by Jesse, tho. her computer broke. Summer, man. you long for it for months, and then once its here it gets so hot and its just like, pick a happy medium why dont you! aagh! it was soo hot today. It would help if maybe my routine varied. but no. Breakfast, Gilmore Girls, chores, tv, walk, internet, dinner, tv, bed. Every. Single.Day. I bot a vegan starter pack and a peta street team starter pack the onther day. sent for actually. i bot 3 vegan buttons. soo excited for them to get here. the street team thing has lots of pamphlets and leaflets and stickers and things. a printed out an assload on my dying printer today. I go downtown for an appt with my shrink, Kathleen, tomorrow, and i will post them up there then. Soo amped! cruelty to animals sucks! fur is evil! meat is murder! go peta!! woohooo! :D.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hey, me again. still haven't heard back from Bob Evans, Ikea, or Kohls. i dropped off applications last Wednes, and while i didn't expect anything from the latter two, i'd hoped Bob's might've wanted me. damn. well, theres still a few days. To make matters worse, i think i'm being fazed out by my pen pal. i haven't heard from her in two weeks! usually, we pm each other a few times a week. dunno. i still have to think of something to say to jeremy, my hot barista. yes, i said my hot barista. we had a nice, uncharachteristically (wow that's hard to type) long conversation. i love the way his eyes crinkle up at the sides when he laughs. *sigh*. yum. Loser much. other than that, hows life? hgm. i get up, clean, listen to my fratellis cd, check my email, walk my dog... boring. i did do a little offering to the Goddess and God last night. just a little impromptu thing, i wanted to go get fresh air, and i was like, hey, why dont i say thanks? then, of of course, i realized we were out of bread and i had to use a bun. but i suppose it still counts. i got the idea from a druid offering ritual i saw on youtube a few days ago. for a while i've wanted to say thanks, but i just didn't know how. you know? i'm so thankful for getting into chatham, for having that be my destiny. for all the little things and big things that happen day to day that tell me that i'm being watched out for. I'm so grateful for having discovered wicca.
Ugh, my cute hater dog is asleep on my mom's good down pillow. haha. passions isn't on til 2, and i can't think of anything else to do. ah well. ciao. i'm gonna see if i can download some pics.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Greetings and Salutations

Hello! my name's Shay, I'm almost 21 years old. I go to Community College of Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. I have been a wiccan for 7 years, which still seems weird to write cuz it seems like yesterday. Wiccans, just to clarify, do not worship the devil or any such nonsense. I am slightly of the druidic persusasion, and yes i really talk like that. i have a big vocabulary. :) I want to use this blog to vent about my life, and tell people about wicca and various things i think people should be informed about. Hopefully, i wont lose my password this time, and i'll be able to post more than once. which has happened twice before. Pathetic, i know. i'm going to Chatham College in the spring (yay me!). One more semester of ghetto-tastic community college to go. I dont mean to insult community-college-goers, but i can't stand it. the whole place reeks of declasse. Anyways. I'm blonde, my hair's dyed brownish but the color's kind of faded back to my original color. Which is kind of odd cuz it was permanent color. whatever. I have dark blue eyes, my best feature, and the only good thing besides my skinny-ness that i got from my dad. gr. long, unneccesary story there. I have social anxiety disorder, i stutter like the village idiot, i have all kinds of funky things that make my hormones out of wack, as well as a thyroid disorder where my thyroid isn't attatched to my brain. Unless you've had to take 4 pills a day for the past loooong while, you don't really know what a pain that is. My shoulders are kind of leaning forward cuz i'm missing muscles in my shoulders. Getting the sense that they didn't finish putting me together yet? :) I have a dog, a little brown doxen-mix named Kacey. Damn dog hates me. Gr. Just kidding, i love her. but she can't stand sitting near me. she wont be in the same room with me for more than a minute unless my mom is there. or i have food. I'm trying to train her to stop barking, but i feed her table scraps like she pays me. Or at least likes me. ;) I also have a little black mouse named Stardust, Dusty for short, and he is just the sweetest thing. he climbs up on the roof of his cage and swings around if you come near him or walk by his cage. He's a little acrobat. He once did a somersault from the roof of his cage one time! My mom doesn't like him cause his cage smells. And he, um, made a deposit on her bedroom floor once. Oops! I'm majoring in liberal arts, soon to be english. I want to be an editor, as in books. (Thanks again Jeremy if you're reading this :) ) I watch General Hospital, Grey's, Vegas, and this show on the Food Netword, Good Eats. I'm addicted. What else to i like? reading, im a book whore. I have a serious problem when it comes to skater boys and punks. Another serious addiction. I turn into a puddle when i see a guy carrying a skateboard or with tatoos and a hawk. its pathetic. there was this guy Andrew who was in my English Lit and Mythology class. The first time i saw him, he was sitting in such a way that all his hot arm work showed, and i almost licked him on the spot! Serious problemage. Kay, well, that's all for now. TMI, anyone?