Makes you think, doesn't it?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Truth About Rome and Gaul

Okay. let me just clear something up. the druids were NOT not not priests! the roman definition for priest says that the priest is the only one with a direct connection with god, and that without the preists, your soul would be in danger because there's no one to plead your case with god, if you will. but to the druids, the gods were easily accessible to everyone. you didn't need the druids to ensure the safety of your soul. the druids were the keepers of ancient knowledge and wisdom, as well as the law. The druids worked in tandem with the earth to heal and nurture, to keep the balance between what is taken from the earth and making sure that it is given back to her. They may have sacrificed, but only to protect what was most dear to them: their families, societies, relatives fighting wars, etc. for the betterment of all. Like i said, the balance must be kept. if you want something to happen for you, you must give something in return. the druids knew this. In today's society, where we think we can get anything for free, we think of sacrifice and we say, oh, barbaric. well back then, they took what they knew, and applied it to make good things happen for them, such as a good harvest, or winning a war. The celts and gauls lived in harmany with nature, protecting and respecting and nurturing it, making sure it was treated well. I only wish we could say the same today.
Also, let it be known that Rome and all that it stood for in that era was pure and simple evil incarnate. they spread vicious lies about the celts being barbarian so that no one could blame them for crushing the innocent, nature-revering gauls beneath the merciless roman heel. and what makes it even worse is that the gauls didnt believe in a system of writing things down, so no one could stand up for them and tell the truth after they're gone. rome was a body of filthy, ice-cold cowards who prided themselves on their military precision and ability to completely obliterate anything and everything in their path. Stone cold dead, right down to the soul they were, the whole lot of them. and Caesar. Oh hell. that cold, heartless, merciless, control freak monster. he just had to have everything, and he could just barely kill things and steal their wealth fast enought to keep up with his voracious appetite for richness and excess. think of all the lives that man thoughtlessly cut down so that he could sleep on nice furs and wear pretty rings. entire societies, countries bathed in blood. Someone has to spread the truth. Someone has to speak for the Gauls.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ugh. Not feeling v. good. the day started out so good...actually the whole day was good. i actually spoke aloud of my own accord during class today, attributing to discussion. yay me!! and i had a nice, good-for-me lunch instead of proccessed vending machine-crap cuz all i had was a 5. probably about 2 or 3 strawberries in there between the jam on my bagel and the fruit-on-the bottom yogurt. but i caught a bus downtown today cause today was gonna be the day i slip jeremy my number. hot barista of my dreams, rem? well, not only did i not slip him my number (because he was leaving the same time as me and there was no way) but mosquitos could have spawned in the silence that hung between us. i tried to get into a deep conversation like we had at first, but he never carried it very far, and i couldnt think of anything to say. So now... i dont know. the fact that i stayed there for an hour til he left for the day makes me think that i'm being too needy and clingy, even tho i just got back there regularly 2 weeks ago. my mom sez i should let it go, just forget about him, but i cant do that! he likes me, he just wont...try anything. chasing someone you like is supposed to be romantic, i just didn't think i'd be the one doing the chasing. Next time i see him, if thinkgs get better, i'll give him my number, if they dont, i'll just come out with it, gove him my number, and leave. whatever happens, i'll have made a move, and whatever happens happens. augh! is it always this stupid, hard, complicated messy stupid?!? now i feel like shit even tho i had a great day! And on top of that, i have to go to work tomorrow! bloody brilliant! now ive got a short fucking temper, and i'm not happy. Well, as Leslie Feist says, there's nowhere to go but on.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Adopt a Wolf! Its the most fun you'll have all week!

I adopted a wolf! it was only 25 bucks! i get emails from wildlife protection places, and there was a link to it. at first i was torn- adopt a wold or donate to help fight the extinction of snow leopards. i think i did the right thing. i'm feelin a bit guilty for the leopards, but... aack! i'm so happy! you shoud go on peta 2 and do some research. it'll really open your eyes. So in a couple of days or weeks or whatever, i'll get a certificate and a cute little plushy wolf dude. so happy! i love it when i do something good for animals. especially after a day like this. i left early from work, cause i had...unspecified problemage...that left me pretty low on self esteem. i took a long, loo-ooing cold shower, and then was like, why dont i check my email? and look at me now, a proud wolf mama!
Work's been tough lately. getting pretty low. i almost cried yesterday casue i couldnt take it. i felt like i was dying. but i got thru it. tomorrow's payday, my last big paycheck. then, next week, school starts! my last semester at ghetto U. ta-bloody-da. well, i'm freaking hungry and i still have blogs to check. smell ya laer.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Adventures in a one-track mind

My latest obsessions: Ike Riley Assassination, The Kooks. I almost fazed out on them for a while, but the radio at my work keeps me on my one-track-minded toes. School's next week. I had a really good session with Kathleen yesterday, and talked to Jeremy again. i think i'm gonna slip him my number, something which i strongly doubt i am suave enough to pull off. But i hated how stagnant and boring our interactions were becoming, and damn it, i want him! so, for once in my life, i'm gonna go get the damn guy. So there.
Hm. What else. i swear to god i'm gonna kill the kid that works with me, aaron something. little-no. no slander. not only does he constantly mix up the numbers i need, like 30 forks of one kind and 70 of another, but he spreads them over like 5 racks by putting like 2 pcs of flatware in each cup, that could easily fit 20. aagh! ever since tom left, this job has been so much slower and i seem to have more time and less things to fill it with. although, that could just be the season. *wistful sigh* cant stop thinking about him. not aaron, ew. jeremy. can you imagine if he actually calls me? ack, i cant even think about it. i blabber like a bloody idiot. The poor man's gonna be like, oh, my god, this girl is out. of. her. tree! Oh, bloody hell. i get so tired of...stuff. my life as it stands.
I'm thinking of getting my hair dyed. darkish brown with pink streaks. oh, duh! i went canoeing with some of my mom's friends at hazelbaker's sunday. Super fun, even tho at first, i was like MOMMY! cause she was in a dift canoe and i was the one in charge of my canoe and i had not a blessed clue what i was doing. agh. 4 more days and then i get paid and am down to 3 days a week! i cant wait!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Tired and Whiny and Cranky oh my!

Ya like the new banner? go peta! just wanted to post while i was on here putting on the banner. vegetarianism going well, just wish i could do more. were getting our ducks in a row where student loans and such are concerned. my mom thinks i should be all excited, but im like, oh gee, the prospect of having to pay 200 bucks a month til i'm 30 really perks me up! oy. i recently had a disillusionment breakthru, and wrote 2 poems about it. i might post them later. i finally realized, for the last time, that wishes really do not come true, no matter what. you can wish til your blue in the face, and you will have done absolutely nothing. or as i phrase it in "Save Yourself the Pain", "what is for you will not pass by you,/all the rest is just grasping at smoke". i rather like that line. O'course, i feel better about this than might most, seeing as i have wicca to fall back on.
This job is really making me tired and whiny and cranky. er than usual. :) i feel like i'm wasting my last summer at home, which i guess it isnt really, but its my last summer b4 chatham, so it feels like it'll be my last summer at home. nice money tho. really nice money. :) the a/c in this place is on drugs. its set to 78, but it wont kick on, even tho its 85 in here. agh! talk about heat stroke! oh, did i post about my bday? i'm sure i did. I'm really bummed that bcuz of the new feasting on asphalt, Good Eats is only on at 11 pm now. i'm gettin the shakes man, i needs me some Alton! well, okay, some clean-shaven, motorcycle-free Alton. Ugh, i gotta get off this computer b4 i go mental. see yall.