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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stephanie Meadows is a bitch; i have a flickr account!

it has been SO LONG since i posted! for a while i forgot about my lovely blog, then i thought i'd lost my password. but yay! i'm back! it's been a while, so i'd better make some quick stats:
I went to Chatham, spent one semester there, during which i felt a recurring need to huddle alone in bed, and/or cut myself. I watched a lot of vintage Sesame Street on YouTube. So that didn't work out much.

Now i'm home again. i got a fantastic job working at a Behavioral Health place, filing medical records. I got to file all day long, and stamp papers, and make file folders, FOR MONEY!!! But then my bitchy boss went crazy on me for saying that "You don't have to kill the spider, it's hiding, it won't come after you." She shoved me, yelled at me, then had me fired. The bitch is crazy. If you see a black woman with a horrible ugly short haircut who's name is Stephanie Meadows, tell her Shay says hi. Then break her nose.

Let's see, what else happened since i left for Chatham...oh! My beloved mouse Dusty passed away this August. He had a lung problem, and he had diahrrea. I made rice water and watched over him, but the strain on his little body was just too much.

I can't think of anything else that happened. I'm still living at home, looking for a job while at the same time not looking, wanting to get out but not doing anything about it. Agh. I'm writing a couple new stories. they're mostly crap, but they're fun to read. My mom's birthday is right around the corner, November 3rd. I'm thinking about catching a bus to the mall one of these days. or i could just cop out and say, hey mom, i'm thinking of spending some money i don't have, will youtake me to the mall? or, hey mom, i'm feeling kinda down. and going to the mall usually helps me feel better. Will you take me? Way to pimp out your depression for a ride to the mall. Well, it's not really for me, it's for her, so i can buy her something. I dunno. I need to get out more.

It's supposed to snow pretty soon. i hope it does. i'm gonna kick myself for it later, i do every year, but i'm kind of impatient for colder weather. This is stupider than usual for me, because i'm cold in the summer sometimes. i'm always bloody cold. But, hell, it's gonna come anyways, bring it on. hoodies and sweatshirts for me! i have so many turtlenecks it makes me gag. :( they're nice and all, but they look so...schoolmarmy. every summer i give a turtleneck to goodwill, and every Christmas my mom buys me a new one. :/

Ooh, ooh, before i forget to plug: i have a flickr account!
Go look at my pictures! leave a comment or ten! i love comments, and i hardly ever get any. :( So tell everyone you know to look at beautiful*loser's photostream on Flickr! Okay? Thanks!

Shameless plug over. Other than the above, things are pretty much normal here: Kacey's the picture of princessy health, mom's working-oh duh! She just got her Series & license- She's a stockbroker! Okay, other than that everything's normal. ;) Same as it ever was, as it were. I miss high school so badly nowadays. I think i'm missing human interaction. Me! Fancy that. Ah, well. I better go do something. I think i'll try and sketch my mother, for her birthday. or maybe i'll clean the kitchen or something. I hear my Fratellis CD calling me. Catch ya later, audience of one!