Makes you think, doesn't it?

Monday, July 30, 2007

Playing ketchup

Sorry, dudes. I know how infuriating this sounds coming out of Joriel's keyboard, but i've just either been too busy or just didn't damn feel like posting in forever! my birfday was awesome, i almost puked cherry vodka, grenadine and triple sec all over the the dance floor during the social distortion concert. I didn't even know they made cherry vodka. Ya learn someting new every day. Sandcastle kicked ass. and i didn't even wipe out once! go me! Yet somehow, i always seem to get stuck under the waterfall in the lazy river. Like, every. time. My job has been going pretty good, i got ten hours of overtime one week, so my paycheck was pretty beefy. i have off mondays, which is why i am typing this now. I'm thinking about getting my hair dyed dark brown with chunky pink streaks. gahd, i can't type today. its gonna look so cool! my poor gram tho. she has 3 grandkids, one with a tattoo, one with a mohawk, and one who wants pink hair! haha. lets see...what else. oh, my god, did you read the new Harry Potter? i finished it already!!! it is sooo good! SPOILER ALERT!!! I can't believe Tonks and Lupin died!!! That filthy Rowling murderess! My favorite charachters! and just after they'd had little Teddy! oh, they were gonna be so happy! i cried. like, tears, running down my face. okay, SPOILER OVER!!! vegetarianism's been going well. i tried to go vegan, but that'll hafta wait for another try after college. as will, probably, Frankie (or Fiona) and my male parakeet as yet unnamed. I keep meaning to ask my transfer advisor about that. I'm about to beat up my keyboard, ic an't type. school starts in 3 weeks! yay, school shopping! i would move into office max if i could. i ask my mom since Chatham's giving me a laptop for college, she should get me a pda, since theyre cheaper and doesnt she wanna send me a away for this momentous occaision with something nice. she said i had between a 2 and 50% chance of getting one. i dunno, well see. god, it gets soo hot up in hurr! i'm melting! kay well, smell ya later.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Of Mice and Filched Men, and other stories.

So much to say, fingers so slow. Matt, the hot guy from my job that i like, now works in the warehouse, so i hardly ever see him, there goes the slim chance that relationship had for growth. My miserable dickhead boss put him there, just like Brain, whom he shipped off to the warehouse cause they got in a little tizzy. never mind the warehouse has enough people and the kitchen is seriously strapped. His ego takes precedence over the needs of the business, and then he preaches to me about how hard it is to run a business with losers like he employs. Miserable bastard. I hate him. steal my only friend and then my hot muscle-shirt wearing nice guy. Why cant you just get along with people? Or even just pretend to coexist peacefully? why do you have to use your power to exert force and neanderthal-like, club-weilding dominance over everyone you work over? Miserable jerk. I think i called him a monkeyfucker. :D in my head of course. but i wanted to crack his skull like a fricking coconut. And then he says shit to me like, I'm really not that bad. some people just push my buttons. yeah, i believe the term for them is homo fucking sapiens, jackass. Whew. Glad i got that off my chest. Lets see, what else? ooh, i went to my first vegan shopping trip today! 33.58, i think was the final tally. My mum was supp'd to stay home and watch Pan's Labyrinth with me, but she welched out on me. The irony is not lost on me. My own mother ditching me. It's so sad. See why i need you, Matt? I need someone to feel okay about being ditched with. By my mother, no less. But the shopping trip was soo fun. I bot mac 'n' soy cheese, soy milk, facon, more of those delish morningstar chik'n patties (yum!!), a Naked (brand) Red Machine, a bottle of truly rank acai juice. expensive, but yum. and ooh, also, i finally found Tom's of Maine and Kiss My Face brands, like toothpaste and soap and stuff. they dont test on animals. i had resigned myself to shopping exclusive and Bath n Body Works cuz i couldnt find them. Yay!!! one small step for vegankind, one giant leap for little old me!! i turn 21 in 7 days!! Social D concert this thursday!!!! you should've seen me when my mum was telling me about the place, and that the tix were still on sale. a casual bystander would've thought i was being tortured to death by being forced to hold my pee. :) (sidebar: do i abuse the emoticons? i heard some people find this annoying. sidebar in the sidebar: please email me if you read this blog, i'd really like to know your thots. ) Well, i theenk that's your lot. (Sorry for the obscure Labyrinth reference.)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Some happy announcements!

Hm. Well, the job's going well. just got my first paycheck, 152-something. we ujst closed my checking accounts cause i didn't have any money, and it'll take til tuesday morning for my money to show up. So... ***starting Tuesday morning, im VEGAN!!!*** completely animal-product free. and i'm gonna buy all my bath n body products from Bath & Body Works, cause they don't test on animals. More expensive, but worth it. I get so excited imagining me waking up at Chatham and having scrambled egg replacer with soy cheese and facon on the side!! Ackk! can you imagine!! yum yum yum!! Whew. Well, lets see, what else is new. Oh, did you know Chatham is haunted? exciting! Supposedly Mellon Hall is a big psychic hotspot. I saw it on YouTube. (that really enhances its credibility. ;) )
On another note, I havent seen uncle Tim yet, but things seem fine with my uncle mark, one of the people i had a problem with in my ranting "jackasses" post. Im more worried about Unle Tim tho, cause the man is...welll... he's an ass. He follows the school of thot where, Im the man and you all must do what i say, now go cook and clean for me. But he applies that rule to everything. He just makes the rules and says what he says and that is that and don't you dare contradict him. What a mess. But I suppose we'll see in a couple of weeks. ooohh... i almost forgot... I TURN 21 IN 13 DAYS!!! WOO HOOO! Social D concert Thursday, then Sandcastle on my birthday!! WOO HOOO!! can you say blue toobalooba til my head spins, then cocktails on the lazy river?!? WOO HOOO!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy July 4th!

Yay, that day is come about again, t-minus 16 days til my birthday. oh, yeah, and that day when our corrupt, lovely little goverment was born. ah, well. my mom's watching this thing on the history channel, but its on commercial, one of those Billy Mays crap things. i can't think straight. maybe i schoud've chosen a more opportune time to do this. well, i'm wearing my one and only patiotic shirt, its a little semi-transparent thing with an eagle on the front, looks like the fornt of a silver dollar. we just got back from the grocery store, and now were whiling away the time til we go to moon for the fireworks. last year we went on my mom's friends boat, but its sposta rain today, so she's not taking the boat out. my dog hates the fireworks, so were not takin her. whole lot better leavin her at home, cowering under the bed. not. my job is going well. we just got back from vacay yesterday. i talked about us going on vacay to Allegany St. Park in New York, rite? well, the campsite was cramped, tiny, all-around pitiful. my mom laughed out loud when she saw the "crick"-it was barely a wading pool. i didn't see a single salamander, just these funky little crawly bug things. but we went to this place called Thunder Rocks, and climbed a bunch of huge rocks. then later, at the Bear Caves, poised for a supercool shot, we discovered the camera had died. aarrgghh! It seemed like Murphy's vacation. :) But it was fun. glad to be back, and so is Kacey. we got her outside my gram's house just in time for her excited piddles to start. it was soo funny. (sidebar: God, this documentary is sooo annoying!!) Anyways, so. that was all. just wanted to say happy Dia del Independencia. t-minus 16 days til i can (legally) drink! Go 21st birthday!!!