Makes you think, doesn't it?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Pet Peeved

You cannot rhyme two words that are the same. that is not rhyme, that is repetition. I was just listening to this song, i don't know what its called, but the guy tried to rhyme 'things' and 'things'. AARRGGHHHH!!! you cannot rhyme things and things!!! they are the same word!!! not only does that show a lack of creativity and talent, as well as outright stupidity, but also a lack of will to even try!!! (kings, rings, sings, wings. pick one!!!) If you have to rhyme two identical words in the song, then you come up with a different line, or a different approach! You dont REPEAT the same word!!!!
Whew. I feel a lot better.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lots Of Stuff

hey kiddies! well, now that i have my first official reader (Hi!), i suppose i'll have to start posting more often. :) let's see... skipped religions class for the third or fourth, maybe fifth week in a row. Sorry Prof. Michelmore! What can i say...i'm a boon (what does that mean?) on your class. What else has happenned? well, i've spent (Quick head tally) at least ten hours over the past 3 days watching quarterlife online. i'm up to part 34 or 35. quarterlife RULES! i already have a friend on the website. i really dig the phenomenon of having, like, a fictional show and a real website meshing together into one great big awesome thing. i have to wonder which came first.
And now for the obligatory crush: Jed, of course. although i like Eric, too. But Jed...there's just something so tragic and lovely about him. and he's really smart and, just generally awesome. But really, what the hell kind of a name is Jed? unless it's short for like, Jebediah or something ridiculous like that. ;) Dylan is my favorite charachter, though. aside from just oozing beauty and sexiness and brains (in a good way ;) ) i love her entries, how wise and true they sound. and, to be honest, i just LOVE those freckles across her nose. :) I have ones just like them! Poor Debra, though. i got in a screaming match with my computer when she screwed Danny after almost dying over him. goddam little prick jerk. And he doesn't even pause a second before hopping right back on top of Carly. and then... Vanessa?!? wtf?? whatever. Lisa's cool, but i hate John. i guess for her.

Ew, the way im sitting right now is making me remember that i saw a little black BUG under my desk a few minutes ago. fing DISGUSTING. it was all like, wriggling around on its back inside this styrofoam cup down there. on its back. EEEEWWWW im giving myself the creeps. gross ew i HATE BUGS!! i am gonna be fucking twitchy and itchy all evening. fuck.
oh my god, but the other day, i was reading this now-lost book i had to do for class, Wide Sargasso Sea, which was really interesting *pout*, by the pond on campus. it was so beautiful. our cafe makes these kick ass cheese quesadillas, so i had my little non-biodegradable, outlives-the-cockroaches container of lunch, and i was sitting on these gorgeous old unvarnished wood adirondack chairs by the pond, and it was so incredibly picturesque. the breexe rippling the water, squirrels (did you know there were black squirrels?) nibbling behind me, digging food up out of the dark earth, and stretching out over the endge of the pond to take a drink. and these ducks, they were so funny. there was two mallards and a brown one with black markings, and they all swam together in the pond, occaisionally giving an angry quack. the brown one spent nearly all its time in the water with its butt in the air, it was so funny. I was like, dude, what are you fishing for down there? it was so funny cause the brown duck soo thought he was a mallard like the others. you could tell. :) it was so amazing, and it made me sad to leave it soon. i know i'll be sad, but this is just not my place.

man, i really wish they could deliver caffeine intravenously. Even slacking off at an olympic rate really takes it out of you. ;) I cant imagine what the Jane Showalters and the Edie Hitchcocks go through. Even tho the latter is a pretentious boob, and the former is a goddess. :) I still wish i was more like them. But honestly, what possesses someone to go around 100% of the time, in hot and cold weather, morning noon and night, in a beret? i swear to god, Edie. I have NEVER seen that girl without it. she probably showers with it and cuddles it in her sleep. :) i am so not mean, i swear. (why does 'i swear' always type ' i sweat'? "I sweat to god?)

well, i better get to doing some actual homework. Ciao.