Makes you think, doesn't it?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sam and Lucky: The Apocalypse.

I finally got home early from school, alto not early enuf cuz i missed my stop. by like 3 miles. but i got back around quarter to 4, just in time to catch some general hospital. they hinted that in the next episode, Lucky was gonna come to Sam's with flowers! and just the look on her face was enough to put me over the edge. they actually mean to put Sam and Lucky together?? Sam and Lucky??? TOGETHER?!?!? SAM and... Lucky....??? needless to say, i'll have a bruise on my chin for a week, it hit the floor so hard. a shameful number of obscenities flew from my mouth. Sam and Lucky. I still cant wrap my head around it. how dumb that show has gotten since i left. haha. that sounded wrong.
but ooh, i got straight a's on my midterms and probably in my classes too, but my english grade isnt out yet, cause my prof is out with pneumonia. i did something in school that i cant connect myself with online in case i'm identified, but it was very fun and made me feel nice. well, one did. the other was in a fit of depresion and just made me feel lousy. oh yeah, i'm depressed now. no signups for PP or Team Cohutta? Im dissapointed. well, ive got better things to do. lol. smell ya later.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Living La VIda College

Midterm Week Sucks. My hair is falling out, i swear to god. i have been soo depressed lately, i dont know if its because of the stress, or forgetting my pills, or just all around im-not-acheiving-my-goals-and-becoming-who-i-want-to-be crap. But man was i in a funk friday. oh-DUH! i cant believe i didnt even mention:
I GOT A TATTOO!!! its really cute, its a pentagram with a crescent moon sort of weaved thru it on the left side. so its almost, but not quite, a pentacle. its really good, too. the guys's name is Cantu. Angry Moon Tattoo, on the South Side, Pittsburgh, PA. Go there, they rock! it felt really weird, like someone was cutting me with a utility knife. and its still so sore when i rub it with the ointment or to wash it off. haha, my skin was so pink! it was fun. after, we went to this awesome place, called Slacker. its a store, but its got like, all genres of stuff. like punk stuff, vintage bunny sweaters (lol), punk cuffs, vintage buttons and keyrings... i even saw a display case with black leather ankle straps and other sado-masochistic tools of trade. then we went to a place i cant remember and i got this really good french bread pizza. yum! then i went home and remembered i have 2 more midterms on monday. :( but yeah. theres my weekend. Inked on saturday, on academic house arrest sunday. Living la vida college.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Team Cohutta, Pittsburghers For Peta- JOIN UP!

Ya like my 2 new clubs i'm thinking of starting? One is for Real World Sydney-er Cohutta, the only sane person in the house (except maybe for Parisa, but she's such a hypocrite for making out with Alex) I like it when he's laying on the hammock and hears them yelling and goes, "That's what happens when you ask someone how pretty you are. [I] never get involved in stuff like that. Bad stuff will happen." Then he hears glass breaking, and he goes, "See? Like that." That made me smile. So, if you want to join Team Cohutta cause you love him, email me!

Pittsburghers for PETA is another club of mine i'm thinking of starting. Everybody i know anound campus is utterly humane-ignorant. I want to get the word out among college students around here that there is alternatives to fur, meat, leather, animal circuses, etc. This idea is really close to my heart, so go to,,, etc. and pleeeaaase join! email me at for either club! One is exciting, happy, and all things pro- Cohutta. The other is about getting the word out about animal cruelty. SO SIGN UP!!!

The base for both clubs will be my website here until they take off, then they'l have their own branches. Feel free to leave comments or questions, or email me with anything. Please join!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Art History made me a coffee whore

I'm in art history class. learning about triumphal arches. tee hee. i'm allegedly taking notes. so freaking bored. i actually tok a nap outside in the hallway waiting for class to start. my mum and i are completely moved into the house, and this is my second week busing in from home. theres a tiny problem with the buses, cuz theres 2 routes both called 38c, but i just have to make sure i ask b4 i get on which one it is. no biggie. i swear to god, if he doesnt stop droning ill kill myself. he's not all that bad, but i hate rome, so i cant stand when ppl drone on and on about the merits of those merciless godless killers. Speaking of killing myself, have you heard that awful (even for the b52's, which is really saying something) song called Keiche Lorraine? god. i was at work when it came on, and it took all my self control not to rip out my eardrums with a fork. gr. stupid wyep. nice hosts, but that music is responsible for the suicide rates in this state, i swear it. hm. oh, dusty has learned how to sneak out between the bars of his cage. we have to keep a lid from one of the boxes we used to pack over his cage. sneaky little bastard. :) i love my little mouse. school is actually not bad, even tho i require coffee to function. thank you sooo much, work. at least the stuff mark makes (my boss) at work is real coffee. i have to drink vending machine coffee. its actually not bad, but i'll take any chance i can get to gripe. :) i'm just incensed that work and school has made me utterly dependent on coffee. Speaking of incenced, i did a sage incense house blessing last week. the house smelled soo good. Yummy positive energy! gotta go, it looks like im missing some important stuff. boo hoo.