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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween/Samhain!

In case you're one of the millions who haven't heard,
Watch it, and thank me later.

Now, onto other news. Let's see...Still unemployed. still lumping around at home. Halloween was nice. i wore my blue dread falls and fangs and handed out candy. scared the shit out of some little kids. :(
After, my mom went to an all-niter party, and I got blitzed and watched '30 Days of Night". Not a bad little movie, but Mars was in it!!! At least i know him as Mars. imdb and the rest of the world know him as Ben Foster. (Played Mars in Hostage, most misunderstood character in cinematic history, with the possible exception of Gogo in Kill Bill.) I practically screamed when i saw him. Actually, i think i did scream. :) i know i did when the head vampire snapped his neck. Grr...
Anyways. What else? oh, my mom's birthday is in two days! I'm not even really sure how old she'll be, 'cause she stopped telling me a few years ago. ;) i think like 43 or 44. dunno. but as for a social calendar, mine's pretty empty for November.
ooh-i went to Mellon Arena for a rally against the circus, but no one was there! I was so bummed. so instead i went home and carved pumpkins. Rocky Horror was on, so it wasn't a complete loss.
that's about it, though. lemme check my phone calendar. i can't live without that thing.
oh darn. the phone's MIA. well, i guess i'll have to be good with what i got. Happy Halloween and Samhain, everybody!
kisses, me.

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