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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Izzie and Denny are back!!!!!

Oh my god i am nearly crapping myself with joy! Denny is back! after all the letters and emails, hating the writers for taking Denny away, they finally caved and they brought him back! Denny is real and alive again! i don't know and don't care how, all that matters is he's real and he and Izzie can be together again, and have the life they wanted! All the hurt she felt can be gone, because Denny is back again! They can be happy together, just like they wanted! Praise the Goddess, Denny is back!!!
My mother tried to crash my party, "But he's still dead!" FUCK THAT SOULLESS BITCH. She doesn't know, she doesn't understand, sometimes love transcends everything. It did with Denny! His love was enough to bring him back! He stayed for her, and now they get to live happily ever after! IZZIE AND DENNY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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