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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meme? (aka lots of I's.)

i saw this online just now. still don't know what a meme is, but it looks interesting.

I am : an animal rights loving vegetarian stuttering shy girl
I think : most people in the world are blissfully ignorant
I know : that the Goddess and the God love me.
I want : everyone on earth to be vegetarian, not to stutter, to be loved, lots of money.
I have : a dog on my chest right now, digging into my ribs.
I wish : every wish i made would come true.
I miss : high school.
I fear : I will never be loved.
I hear : the dog on my lap, Snoopy, breathing.
I smell : nothing.
I crave : chocolate, any form. Not dark.
I seek : the latest dream inside my head. and not to have to do the dishes.
I wonder : How much longer i will be able to stand being me.
I regret : All the things i wanted to say to mean kids who hurt me, but never did.
I love : Kacey, and my family, and several men and women i will always love but never meet again. (or ever)
I ache : For the life i should have had.
I was not : conceived on purpose.
I am not : happy.
I cry : For too many things to write down.
I believe : in magick.
I dance : like a string puppet with epilepsy.
I sing : When i'm truly happy, or scared.
I read : horror, sci-fi, etc. only fiction.
I don't always : treat my loved ones the way i should.
I fight : like a cornered rabid animal- with unbridled passion and little sense.
I write : Meandering, plotless fiction. Always first person, the main charachter always a girl.
I win : at Spider Solitaire every time. also at Mad Gab.
I lose : a lot, especially to my mom.
I never : intend to eat meat again.
I always : pronounce asparagus, "expagarus".
I confuse :
I listen : to all kinds of music, except rap and country.
I can usually be found : in front of the computer. :)
I am scared : about the future. and by slugs.
I need :my mommy!
I am happy: when i look at Kacey.

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